Ciat mini mani month - December 1st

This month is the best month of the year. As mentioned earlier I LOVE Christmas!! I've bought an advent calendar for myself this year, containing nail polishes of course. It's Ciat mini mani month calendar.

Oooh.. Isnt this exciting? I could barely wait for December 1st so I could open the first one..

And finally the day arrived:

I've never tried Ciat polishes before, I was looking forward to do that for the first time, and see how their formula is. I got a pink shade with a light purple shimmer, I actually don't have anything like this, so great! At the first stroke it was lots of blank dots, it was very thin formula wise, but on the second I used alittle more polish on the brush and it covered it completly. For an even more perfect look I could do 3 coats for full opacity, as you can see the white at my nails a little still at the photo. The finish is very smooth and it dried OK fast. I'm pleased, can't wait to try on the next one!

Every day in december until the 24th I will swatch polish of the day from the advent calendar, Ciat mini mani month.

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Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor Holiday 2012

Hello girls!

I am really looking forward to Christmas!! Today I received Nicole by OPI Kardashian Holiday 2012 polish collection and that was the perfect tool to try to find the right Christmas spirit. I added some Christmas tunes to my Spotify and started doing my nails! :D


This blue shade did not give me the Christmas vibe, but the color is stunning. More suitable for new years eve! It was VERY thin at first layer, I thought I would need atleast two more coats to get full opacity, but on the second coat it was perfect :)


I used this over "Deck the dolls" as it takes alot of coats to get opacity. It's small glitter in many colors. I used one stroke here as I did not wanted to overdo it.


My favorite from the collection. Is lots of small micro glitters that gives an opaque finish in purple/silver/blue. It's perfect for the holidays! The photo don't give the polish any justice at all, it's much better.
Another photo, more close up, in a different, darker lighting:


A gold polish with small golden glitters and larger glitter flakes in blue/green and gold. It's nearly opaque. I used two coats, and if I were to add another one I guess I would get full opacity. THIS ONE REALLY REMINDS ME OF CHRISTMAS!! The blue/green flakes reminds me of needles from the christmas tree. It's perfect and something new. Likey likey!


Red is of course typical Christmas. I am getting tired of all the reds now. But I love this one, it's so shiny and look so delicate! Perfect for the christmas party to the little black dress.


I am in love with this purple shade. It is quite dark and has small lighter purple shimmer in it. Stunning!!

My favorites from this collection are without a doubt Here We Kome A-Karoling and All Is Glam, All Is Bright.

I bought my Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor Holiday collection from my favorite Ebay store. Hurry up and buy a set aswell! ( you get AWESOME bonuses as free gifts!!):

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Purple fun

A fun purple design comming up!

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Chanel - Paradoxal

Still some old polishes being swatched. Today I went for a classic polish. Chanel - Paradoxal.

I LOVE CHANEL. No polishes can get the same smooth surface as Chanel does. And the color is stunning. A dark shade with shimmer in purple. I love it :)

More Chanel will be swatched the next days!

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Cheap holographic

Hello ladies :)

I have no new polishes to try on at the moment, so I've been using "old" polishes the last days. One of those I used was one I've never tried on before, but that I've had since the summer.

Depend holographic Lavender

Since all holo polishes are overpriced, this one is more decent when it comes to price. It cost me like 9$. But you get what you pay for, this is NOTHING compared to the other holo's that I own. If you dont own any holo polish cuz it's too expensive, you can buy this, because it works. Not even sure if it's possible to get these still? Or if they are all sold out?

I used 3 coats to get this result. And the holo is weak, but it's visible, specially in sunlight. I was more excited when I tried on another Depend holo earlier at my blog, but that was before I discovered Fnug. NOTHING is better than Fnug when it comes to holographic.

Read the review of Leurel Green here, and see swatches;

(english translation at the bottom)

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OPI - Skyfall

Hello ladies! I've finally swatched the complete Skyfall collection. My expectations were HIGH on this one. Let's check them out :)


A beautiful jelly polish in red with small golden glitters in. Full opacity after 2 coats.


A brown/bronze shade with small glitters in different colors. LOVELY in daylight when the glitter really sparkles. Very thin formula, but it was still opacity with two coats.


Green creme with golden glitter particles.


A glitter polish in gold that doesn't need any base color. Full opacity. Great! Perfect for the holidays comming up.


My sisters favorite, so she wanted to make this swatch for me, she even wanted this for christmas. It's a deep purple shade that seems more red with indoor lighting.


A blue shade with purple shimmer, it's more purple than on the photo, was hard to catch the real color here. But it's stunning!


A grey tone with small glitters in different colors.


The disappointment of the YEAR. This was the shade I was most excited about, but the formula is terrible. It's like putting lipgloss on your nails, it floats around leaving stains of clear nail. I needed 5 layers to get a proper result, and still you can see all the mistakes. I wont recommend anyone to try this one. But the color itself is lovely, so it's such a shame. It's silver with a blue tone in it.


Deep shimmery orange.


Big glitters with a blanc shade, it fit's best as a topcoat. I used it over Die Another Day here, but I've made some more examples so you can see how it is over different shades:


Deep burgundy creme shade. Probably the most boring shade in the collection, we have seen this shade in Essie Stylenomics and other collections this fall.


Red jelly with golden glitter. Very similar to The Spy Who Loved Me, but darker shade,. I prefer this one of those two.


This collection covers it all. You got the every day basic polishes, the too much glittery polishes for new years eve parties and the fun ones that we haven't seen before. My favorite is without a doubt Tomorrow Never Dies, The Spy Who Loved Me and The World Isnt Enough. The Skyfall collection is available now in stores in Norway, so then I guess it is the same all over the world (since we're always late with publishing the polish collections). If you like the first four here the best you can buy the Skyfall Mini Collection that contains mini versions of The Spy Who Loved Me, The World Isnt Enough, Live And Let Die and Goldeneye. Go and buy your mini collection now at the amazing Trogge1's ebay store and get FREE awesome bonus items aswell:D

OPI skyfall mini's from Trogge1:

All in all a good collection, and I would probably buy them all again except for Moonraker.

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FNUG - Futuristica

I've finally tried one of the FNUG holographic polishes. I know I'm way behind now, but in case some of you haven't noticed these awesome FNUG polishes yet, here is it!

I've tried Futuristica, a blue holographic one. I also tried the Aqua fix base, which they claim to be necessary for the best holo effect.

Wow look at these awesome nails! I gotta say, the camera dont give the nails any justice, it's WAY prettier RL. I understand why everyone is talking about FNUG now. :) Visit FNUG's homepage to order your polishes, or find out where you can!!

In my makeup bag!

While I'm working on the swatches from OPI - Skyfall I want to let you know that I do have other things in my mind than nails. Like makeup! I don't own alot of makeup products, and it all fits in one bag that I easily can take with me when I'm out travelling. I want to show you my favorite products that I could not be without. (And I hope my boyfriend doesn't read this since he is close to having a heart attack considering all the money I spend on polishes, he has no idea that I'm a junkie for expensive brands when it comes to my makeup :P)


Christian Dior's Diorskin Nude foundation. I prefer foundations with a very natural color, I only wear it to even out my freckles, not to get tan! (I use my bronzer for that lol).. This one works perfectly and I totally love the design of the bottle, it looks great even as decoration :D Price: ~ 50$

Guerlain's Terracotta bronzing powder 02. Finally I've found a bronzing powder that looks natural on me. I'm sooooo excited about this product and I will buy it again and again and again and again... Price ~50$ AND TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!


Christian Dior Cannage Color Collection has all the colors you need. From day time to night time, this one has it! The colors last all day and is easy to apply. The perfect travel partner aswell! Price ~ 70$

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Sparklin Satins is my "mixing shadows", I mix these colors together and make a new color. I love the silver blue color combined with the black!! Price ~ 70$

Chanel Intense Eye Pencil Clair. This color is all natural, I love it. The black eyeliner is hot, but this is more my thing. It opens my eyes when I use it on the wet line, and nobody can see that I have worn anything. Price ~28$

I wont recommend any mascara atm as I haven't found the perfect one yet. My sister is using Dior Show Gold and it looks stunning, that will be my next purchase!


Chanel Glossimer 124. Lipstick is not my thing, I always use lipgloss, and this one is better than the rest I must say! It gives sexy lips and it does not stick at all. My lips feels smooth after application and it lasts for hours. The color is neutral, looks very pink, but on the lips it gives more a natural gloss. Love it. Price 29$.


Artdeco eyeshadow base. This one I can't live without. It gives my eyeshadows what it deserves and it's really cheap aswell!! Around 10$ only!! I recommend you all that havent tried it yet to do so!

I've tried ALOT of cheaper makeup and not everything is good enough to earn a place in my makeup bag. But these products do;

IsaDora Bold Tip Eyeliner Carbon Black, price ~13$

Maybelline Super Stay 10h Tint Gloss, price ~ 20$

Elizabeth Arden Pink Clover, price ~ 35$

GOSH BB cream, price 23 $

Loreal Color Riche Infinement Bronze, price ~20$

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, price 13$

OPI - Germany collection

From left to right:
Danke-Shiny Red, Suzi And The 7 Dusseldorfs, Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue,
German-Icure By OPI, Deutsch You Want Me Baby, Every Month Is Oktoberfest

From left to right:
Schnapps Out Of It, My Very First Knockwurst, Don't Pretzel My Buttons,
Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!, Don't Talk Bach To Me, Berlin There Done That

This collection was the first complete collection I ever bought from OPI. And I must say I just want more. OPI really proves why they are at the top of polish brands here, the quality is really good. The colors is nothing special I must say, but I still got some new polish favorites from this collection. The one that really stands out is Danke-Shiny Red. I LOVE it. The red is so sexy, will make a man go crazy I bet ;). But all in all, these polishes will be worn alot. Both daytime and at parties. Only one I really did not like at all was Don't Talk Bach To Me.

This was fun, swatching such a big collection. Even though it took some time, but I've been away from home these last two weeks, so I've had other things to do than do my nails. Next collection up is also OPI, their Skyfall collection. I will start working on that this week! Stay tuned ladies :)

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OPI - Every Month Is Oktoberfest

Last one up from the Germany collection is "Every Month Is Oktoberfest"

Now this color I LOVE.. It has a burgundy dark color with a hint of purple in it. BAD picture, but I was in a hurry with this one, and travelling right after so it got chipped and was thereby not able to take a new photo. But it's stunning. A must have for the little black dress this season! Application as with the rest of the Germany polishes, perfect!

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